Marvel Asia

Marvel Asia is an independent, family-owned, Multi-Family Office (MFO) platform in the long-standing Eurasia tradition of dedicated wealth management for both private and institutional clients. Marvel Asia provides a comprehensive service to clients, offering a full range of options designed to complement and enhance their existing services.

We are the top exclusive provider of innovative premium Family Office Services. We are the company of choice for exclusive HNWI and their families wanting their activities managed, monitored and expanded for both a short and longer term by delivering exclusive bespoke solutions delivered through the excellence and competence of our specialized team, “Best in Class” professional partners and state-of-the-art encrypted digital processes.

Just as every client is unique, so is the service we build around them. Investment managers, wealth planners and the banking team work together to deliver our clients’ financial goals. We invest heavily in understanding our clients’ expectations and priorities, so they enjoy a long and personal relationship with our teams.

As a long-established wealth manager with an absolute focus on preserving and growing our clients’ wealth, what matters most to our clients, matters most to us.

Private individuals, family offices, trusts, businesses and pension plans all rely on us to provide them with bespoke, discretionary and advisory investment services.